Wednesday, December 07, 2005

When life was better

I was 35. My parrot had no age or didn't confess it. Life was smooth. No children, my wife and I could travel freely to distant countries. Drugs, sex and rock&roll was our moto (don't take it literally).
Who was thinking of Prostate Cancer at that happy time? Not me, you can bet. Cancer of any kind could not touch me, could it?
Now, at 50 (see profile photo), I have a beloved son and Prostate Cancer....
But you know what: life goes on and, if not better, can be somehow good. This a blog about how to live with PCa and your views are welcome.
Tenía 35 años. Mi loro no tenía edad o no quería confesarla. La vida transcurría suavemente. No tenía hijos, my mujer y yo podíamos viajar libremente a lugares remotos. Sexo, drogas y rock and roll era nuestro lema (no lo tomeis al pie de la letra).
¿Quién pensaba en el Cáncer de Próstata en aquella época?. Yo no, desde luego. Ningún tipo de cáncer podía alcanzarme, ¿verdad?. Ahora, a los cincuenta (ver la foto del perfil), tengo un hijo al que adoro y Cáncer de Próstata...
Pero, ¿sabeis una cosa?: la vida sigue adelante y, si no mejor, puede ser buena en cierta medida. Este blog trata de cómo vivir con CaP y vuestras opiniones son bienvenidas.


Blogger Old Al said...

Well Manuel , you sure was a raver, so good to have you back in print, life goes on reguardless, whats put in front of us, so lets make the most of what time we got left, so let bygons be bygons, and look to the future,
Old Al

6:55 AM  
Anonymous larry dev said...

Hi Manuel.
I can only repeat what Old Al said, there is not a lot more to add. Its like the song Yesterday by the Beatles there is a lot of relevance there, but we must live our todays and tomorrows, its nice to look back but we must not stare.
Will look in manana adios para ahora o hasta pronto
Larry dev

7:49 AM  
Anonymous larry dev said...

Great to see you in full flow again, you were sadly missed. I assume the parrot has moved on. Many thanks for the site I have so many names and passwords now I am confusing myself I forget what site I am on at times.
Take care my friend

1:05 PM  
Blogger RayK said...

Well Manuel I got here, forgive my Zoladex mind or is it an age thing. The old saying is true ‘you can look back, but can only move forward’. Looking back with negative thoughts just gets us annoyed. Yes there’re those whom I shake my head at, but if they have an attitude problem, well that’s it they have it. I just try to work around them.

So all positive then, just look what positive does – blog sites were you can talk to others. Not the same as the old site, but who knows what leads where. Lets see how much interest this and other blog sites get or not and take it from there, PIBE (Play It By Ear) as I say in my emails. Thanks for the info on links I will have a try. Take care my man – Ray

2:49 PM  
Blogger Old Al said...

Hi Manuel, hope all this feedback gets you off the anti depressants and back on the red wine
Old Al

6:05 AM  
Blogger zufus said...

Blog on mi amigo, and I love Christmas and all the glorious songs. Anything you are getting for the young lad? Hopefully not a new Xbox, unless you have the dough and want to see him hardly ever anymore, games occupy alot of their time, ya know?

Peace on Earth

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Larry Dev said...

You are building up a few contributers, who knows in a few weeks you will be overcome with people posting. I will be getting my PSA result to morrrow and will let you know the result, I am feeling very confident it will be vale. Take care.

3:33 PM  
Blogger zufus said...

Feliz Jose Feliciano sings of. Manuel I see two different photos of you, one in the profile and other on blog. Is this the same 'hombre'? One is the conservative look if you know what I'm saying and which one is the newest? My photo is inside the cover of the and edition of Primer on Prostate Cancer book, thanks to Donna Pogliano (the mother Teresa of PCa guys- most helpful person).
Blog on.....(Rock on)


3:21 AM  
Blogger Manuel said...

Zufus: yes, this is the same man.
A clear evidence of what time and oxidation can make on a man.
The photo in profile was when I was 46. The photo with the parrot was taken when I was 35.
The profile photo can look conservative, but It's just a disguise (When I'm at my office), when I am outside I am not conservative at all, despite my current age (50).
An example of how little conservative I am is that I lost my prostate about 3 years ago smiles here).
Feliz Navidad to you too.
Of course, my son is waiting for Christmas presents anxiously.
Here we call that : la fiesta de los Reyes Magos but Santa Claus is gaining positions.

3:37 AM  
Anonymous larry dev said...

Well I got my PSA result today a rise from < 0.1 to 0.2. Not worried it has moved about before, now moving in sympathy with my testicles perhaps. next result due in Marzo 06.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous larry dever said...

As Old Al says we want to see you off the anti-depressants and on the red wine. With respect to red wine you are spoiled for choice in Spain, Torres does some good ones maybe that is not Spanish in your eyes as its from Catulyuna I think.
Anyway when I get to Madrid in marzo o abril I want to buy you a glass of your favourite red wine, if you are good I may even buy you a bottle, in the meantime keep rocking and rolling.

12:18 PM  
Blogger rafael said...

Manuel, en esta vida hay que ser optimista. A mi me dieron tres años de vida en 1992 y ya veis que todavia estoy por estas playas. Es verdad que son playas de desierto y algunas, las menos de depresion.

No utilizar y disfrutar el tiempo que nos quede por sentirnos deprimidos es una perdida de tiempo en lo que a mi me concierne.

¡Salud y vida...y pesetas para disfrutarla!

6:51 AM  
Anonymous larry pope said...

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3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:11 PM  

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